ParkGate Fundraising

Copy of Development Audits

Finding the formula

We'll thoroughly investigate your campaign to ensure success.

To ensure that an organization’s campaign will be a success, we first have to ensure that the proper tools are in place. In order to do this, we take a complete audit of the following:

  • Internal assessment
  • Roles and performances
  • Communications
  • Comparison of competitors and/or similar organizations
  • Areas of opportunity
  • Processes, systems and procedures

Internal Assessment

Internal assessment of current and past fundraising efforts including metrics on rates of participation and average gifts in:

  • Annual appeals
  • Events
  • Special fundraising intiatives (including capital campaigns)

Roles & Performances:

  • Professional staff
    • CEO
    • Chief Development Officer
    • Development Office
  • Volunteers
    • Board
    • Honorary or advisory board members
    • Associated groups


  • Ongoing, regular
  • Special projects
  • For events


Areas of Opportunity


Processes & Procedures

  • Donor acquisition
  • Donation processing
  • Stewardship
  • Moves management
  • Technology