ParkGate Fundraising

Capital Campaigns

Making it happen

We offer hands-on direction with
your fundraising.

We can provide the essential elements to make these efforts successful, including:

  • Creating a custom campaign plan, including organizational structure and comprehensive timetable designed to meet a challenging but realistic goal;

  • Defining the role of campaign leaders and volunteers with job descriptions for each position; 

  • Recruiting and training the best candidates for each position; 

  • Developing the most effective "case for support"; 

  • Creating campaign publicity materials; 

  • Determining which potential donors should be approached--and when they should be approached (in what sequence);

  • Teaching the most effective methods of asking for gifts;

  • Directing and/or participating in the most important gift solicitations to ensure the gift is requested appropriately;

  • Preparing all materials for campaign-related meetings;

  • Monitoring campaign progress against the timetable;

  • Identifying problems quickly and helping to develop solutions;

  • Setting up an effective pledge recording and redemption program;

  • Developing a comprehensive donor recognition program;

  • Providing consistent, time-tested, professional capital campaign management services.


Nonprofit organizations come in all sizes and levels of fundraising sophistication. When it comes to capital campaign management, most organizations require some level of personal, hands-on direction unique to their circumstances.